Free Form Plastic Products Inc. was established in 1990 at its current location in St. Brieux by a local family to produce rotationally moulded components that meet the high quality requirements of Western Canada’s leading agricultural equipment manufacturers.  The primary focus of the business was to produce custom products for clients as needed.  As illustrated in the timeline, the company outgrew the original building very quickly and expanded its production space and amount of equipment.  During this time many agriculture OEM’s became dependent on the parts being produced which lead to Bourgault Industries Ltd. purchasing the company to maintain supply of these products.  In time the business transitioned from one focused on custom molded products to one which looked to differentiate itself in the market through the creation of proprietary solutions.  With this transformation came the creation of an extensive dealer network and the groundwork for how the company continues to operate today.

Free Form has designed moulds and manufactured an extensive array of high quality plastic components that have been used in a whole host of applications, including agriculture, mining, forestry, construction, oilfield, recreation, and transportation.

Free Form has in-house design capability and uses state of the art solid modelling design software. This design capability, including the latest 3D printing technology is available to assist clients with their designs of custom products.  This capability is also used extensively for the design and development of our own proprietary products.

Free Form’s success is based on their pursuit of proprietary solutions for the most demanding customers.  You will find that most products that we produce have patents on them allowing our products to standout in the marketplace.  Over the years we have come across other products that embody our vision and we have chosen to purchase these companies and continue to offer those products as our own.  We also strive to align ourselves with dealers that standout in their respective territory to bring our products to the customers through their locally trusted retails.

Free Form is a supplier to many Agricultural Original Equipment Manufacturers. Original equipment manufacturers demand high quality components at competitive prices. By having learned how to meet these demands, Free Form has positioned itself to step out and bring high quality products to other market sectors at competitive prices.

Free Form rotationally moulds a wide variety of plastic items for world class companies. The company’s core competencies include component design capability, mould making expertise and on-time delivery of high quality, products.

Our History

Free Form Plastics Founded

Free Form Plastic Products Inc. is established with the construction of 2800 sq. ft. production facility. First Free Form Logo

First Rotational Molding Oven

Installation of the first rotational molding oven

Polytoon Dock Float

Polytoon Dock Float is introduced. Polytoon Logo

Second Molding Oven

Installation of the second rotational molding oven.

Factory Expansion

An additional 5600 sq ft of production space is added.

Third Molding Oven

Installation of the third rotational molding oven.

Factory Upgrade

Installation of Automated Material Handling System.

Land Expansion

Additional land purchased to the north of the production facility.

Bourgault Purchases Free Form

Bourgault Industries purchases Free Form Plastic Products Inc.

Adjustable Swath Roller

Adjustable Width Swath Roller is introduced in tow behind and mounted models.

Dealer Network Established

Organizational change in direction with the establishing of our own dealer network with the a new focus away from custom products and towards developing of our own proprietary products. Freeform Plastics Logo

Great Truck Weight System

Great Truck Weight System is introduced.

Turtle Tank

Turtle Tank is introduced.

Molding Oven Installed

Installation of large rotational molding oven capable of producing tanks to 5000 Imp gallons.

Portable Liquid Storage

Portable Liquid Storage System is introduced.

Gen2 Tanks

 Algae Eliminating Generation 2 tank is introduced.

Fenderco Acquisition

The acquisition of Fenderco Enterprises Ltd. which includes Patents and all production and assembly was moved from Naicam, SK to St. Brieux, SK.

Low Profile Tanks

First Low Profile tank is released that reduces sloshing and does not require metal hoops.

Swath Roller

Mounted Swath Roller with Hydraulic Lift is introduced.

Equipment Upgrades

Installation of more efficient size reduction equipment.

Polar Grip

Polar Grip Truck Weight System is introduced.


TankGuard Logo Introduction of the wireless tank monitoring system, TankGuard.


Introduction of the Ultimate Attachment, the BIGTOOLRACK.

RotoShear Inc. Acquisition

The acquisition of RotoShear Inc. which includes the associated patents. All production and assembly was moved from Forestburg, AB to St. Brieux, SK.

Chembine Introduced

Chembine Logo The first Chembine chemical mixer is introduced with patent pending features.