Freeform: A division of Bourgault Industries Ltd.

Portable Liquid Storage (PLS)


Free Form designed the PLS to meet increasing demands for on-site liquid storage. The PLS is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 4000 imp. (4800 US) gallons to 7400 imp. (8880 US) gallons. This two tank unit was designed with ease of operation in mind. A self-contained hydraulic system is standard to allow simple conversion from road to field and back.  The tanks are heavy-duty with a 10° cone bottom to allow for complete drainage of product and meet the demanding conditions of our customers. The PLS is suitable for storage of a wide array of liquids including liquid fertilizer, liquid feed supplement, herbicide and water for livestock or spraying operations. Whatever your needs, the PLS meets the increasing demands for on-site liquid storage.

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