Freeform: A division of Bourgault Industries Ltd.

Swath Roller


Free Form Swath Rollers reduce crop loss by minimizing the effects of wind damage. The patented adjustable width roller enables the operator to easily change the roller width which forces the windrow to be “tucked-in” on the ends maximizing resistance to wind gusts. Another feature (on mounted models) is the added weight to the rear of the swather which helps offset the use of larger headers.

Our advantage is the patented adjustable width swath roller which allows you to adjust the width of the roller to match the swath.  Adjustable from 6 ft. to 10 ft. widths, you have the best tool available to help protect your valuable crop from wind damage. Swath Rollers are available in 3 versions. Rear axle mounted hydraulic, rear axle mounted winch and tow behind (The hydraulic version offers patented in-cab control of the roller height plus makes raising for transport and storage simple).

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