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BackHoe Fenders


Constructed of durable Polyethylene plastic, Fenderco fenders deliver flexibility.  Where aluminum and steel fenders are rigid in construction and respond to vibrations or impacts by getting bent or damaged, Fenderco fenders bounce back.  Stones and debris are easily deflected down from a Fenderco fender offering maximum protection.

Since Fenderco fenders are constructed of plastic, and not steel or aluminum, their  non-corrosive properties eliminate the need for painting. The smooth undersurface of the Fenderco fender prevents mud and snow from building up, eliminating the need to clean the fenders; resulting in increased productivity.

Fenderco fenders, although flexible in nature, are extremely durable and able to withstand an extreme range of temperatures from -40°C to +40°C.

Fenderco backhoe fenders are designed and tested to fit all makes and models to offer the best protection, quality construction and durability in the Industry.  Easily installed, low maintenance fenders to protect against stone and other debris damage. They are the toughest poly fender on the road; we guarantee it!

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