Freeform: A division of Bourgault Industries Ltd.

Polar Grip Truck Weight System

When the Free Form Truck Weight Platform is filled with sand, it can add up to 600 lbs. of weight to the bed of a pick-up truck. This weight is invaluable for added traction, increased braking performance on ice, and a smoother ride.

The Free Form Truck Weight Platform includes planks featuring an embossed gripping system that provides excellent footing when walking in the box, winter or summer.

The strong and durable polyethylene platform can withstand heavy service, protecting your truck box from damage. The aesthetic design and box protection will add to the value of your truck.

Additional weight will provide a smoother ride, both winter and summer.

Molded from polyethylene, and filled with sand, the planks slide into place for easy installation and removal. The design is not only safe and convenient; it will enhance the value of your vehicle.

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