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TankGuard Wireless Monitoring

Prophet 4000 Series

The Prophet 4000 Series, combined with TankData Online can help eliminate runouts and costly emergency deliveries, and increase operations efficiency up and down the supply chain. Using a standard Internet browser, you can retrieve and use valuable tank information virtually anywhere in the world, whether the tank is local or a thousand miles away. You’ll make smart, data-driven replenishment decisions, delivering more product less often, with fewer expensive truck rolls.

It’s completely wireless and suited for stationary or mobile tanks, and delivers data using cellular technology. Designed for daily callouts, both scheduled and event-driven, the Prophet delivers inventory level, precise tank location, battery status, signal strength, usage history and demand forecasting information, as well as alarms and notifications.


90 Series

Corrosive chemicals and acids like HCI and H2SO4  can wreak havoc on the average stainless steel DP sensor, causing operators to rely on harder to install ultrasonic sensors that can produce false readings due to bouncing off vapors instead of liquids. That all changes with the TankGuard ceramic DP sensor monitoring solution. Now, with a ceramic housing protecting the sensor from corrosion, you can use a reliable, accurate DP sensor at the bottom of the tank and avoid the vapor effect that ultrasonic sensing can produce.

Our single-source solution of hardware, sensor and data delivery service provides secure, key tank information 24/7. In the office or in the field, you’ll know the tank location, level and when replenishment is needed.

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