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The self-cleaning closed transfer system

  • Mounts to Chembine mixer, sprayer, nurse tank, etc.
  • Gravity flow means no pumps are required
  • Large diameter for speedy emptying of jugs
  • Ability to empty jug partially and reuse later
  • Built in backflow prevention for safety
  • No spill connection with highest standards of user and environment safety
  • Continuously adjustable flow rates, enabling exact transfer of partial container volumes
  • Rinsing of accessible parts in contact with chemical after partial dosing (adaptors stay connected to the container)
  • Fast and complete rinsing of empty containers
  • No more contamination and cleaning of measuring jugs required
  • Jug adaptors fit 63mm containers

easyFlow M – Safe metering and dosing system

  • All the benefits of the easFlow system
  • Mounts next to the sprayer tank, at working height for easy handling on big sprayers
  • Connects to suction line, induction bowl or any other induction system
  • Transfer of entire content or exact metering and dosing of small partial quantities
  • Rinsing of the whole system even after partial emptying of containers
  • Automatic rinsing of the measuring device simultaneously
  • Easy to install as a kit on the Chembine mixer or any sprayer, nurse tank, etc.
  • Clear and transparent measuring vessel, inexpensive to replace

easyFlow Product Video

easyFlow Closed Transfer System

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